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Kubikle modular power track


power track

with kubikle's unique modular power track and electrical adaptors, you can instantly add a power socket or a usb charger; with a simple twist, the adaptors are live and operational.

multi-national power adaptors are available as one of many options.

the twist-on power track is a standard inclusion in all kubikle pods.

magnetic light track

concealed within the ceiling beams, kubikle pods come equipped with a magnetic lighting track system.

all light fixtures are smart-home compatible, using a wall-mounted touchpad, a mobile device or even voice control to regulate the lighting system.

the lighting system is compatible with most smart-home ecosystems such as "google home" or "amazon echo".

kubikle can create the appropriate lighting solutions for your pod with a comprehensive range of magnetically attached light fixtures, spotlights, pendulums, and other options.

Kubikle magnetic light track


Kubikle magnetic light track fixtures


Kubikle magnetic light track fixture


Kubikle magnetic light track pendular light


ventilation system

the low-noise ventilation system from kubikle is also smart-home compatible, or it can be adjusted using a remote controller or directly on the unit itself.

with three layers of integrated filtration in each unit, we guarantee fresh, clean air in all kubikle pods.

our ventilation system has another unique feature: an automatic reversible function; this function changes the airflow direction every 65 seconds, replacing stale air, removing moisture, and bringing fresh air into the pod. 

Kubikle ventilation unit


Large format UV flatbed printer


pod finishes

kubikle pods are available in a comprehensive range of finishes, such as plain colours or woodgrains.

we also provide the option to customise any surface in a pod by printing each wall or ceiling panel to whatever finish a customer desires.

by utilising a large-format uv flatbed printer, we create an individualised pod by printing any design or motif you choose on the walls, ceiling or glazing.

fire retardant materials

kubikle can be provided with fire-retardant wall cladding if required in our pods. 

when required we ensure fire safety compliance by utilising only certified materials such as fire-retardant mdf, aluminium and mineral core acm (aluminium composite material).

our wall and ceiling modules are framed using aluminium, lined with standard melamine or fire-rated mdf and internally insulated using non-combustible rock wool batts, which improve fire resilience and enhance the acoustic performance of the pod; the insulation batts are 80% recyclable at the end of a pod's lifespan.

Fire rated MDF


UV air purifier


uv air purifier

During these uncertain times with a worldwide pandemic affecting the globe, Kubikle pods offer the option of a ceiling-mounted UV purification module with integrated lighting and remote control.

This disinfection solution incorporates sterilisation, purification, deodorisation, and lighting in a single module.

The lighting component offers nine levels of brightness and a colour temperature range from 2700K-6500K.


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