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kubikle smart pod  control panel


kubikle pods come smart-home connected, controlled using a touch screen panel, voice or a mobile app (download android app, download apple app).

be it a hotel room, sleep pod, privacy pod or a boardroom within an office; all kubikle pod combinations are smart-home ready with connected ventilation and lighting systems included as standard. 

additional accessories such as motion sensors, smoke detectors, smart-desks or automatic curtains, and other smart-home elements are available as options.

kubikle connected pods are compatible with most smart home ecosystems, such as google home or amazon echo.

for further details, check out our inclusions page, which will show how advanced kubikle pods are. 

connected kubikle smart pods
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recycled materials
kubikle use mainly recycled materials in the manufacturing process and most components used are recyclable at the end of the lifespan of a pod.

our pods are acoustically rated and compliant with many global standards and can be supplied with fire-rated panels if required.

kubikle's modular aluminium structure system enables us to design a pod to a customer's exact requirements, and our pods are unique in both style and sheer size

industry categories
kubikle pods have applications in a wide range of industry categories as an acoustic solution for offices or hospitality accommodation.
the team at kubikle can develop a pod solution for any category requirement: hospitality, retail or workplace
contact kubikle to discuss your project, and our design team will create a solution tailor-made for your business.

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pod structure
kubikle's patented (patent pending) interlocking wall-panel system allows for an infinite mix and match of walls, glazing, doors or open spaces when developing a pod.
glazing panels and doors in a kubikle come with double glazing, which may also feature integrated blinds.

manufacturing facilities
our recently opened state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located on the outskirts of hanoi, vietnam, utilises customised machinery solely dedicated to the production of kubikle pods, guaranteeing a world-class product.

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lighting system
kubikle pods utilise a low voltage magnetic lighting track system concealed within the ceiling structure, making adding or changing light fixtures simple.
an extensive range of light fittings, spotlights and pendants are available for all kubikle pods.

electrical wiring
our wall panels come pre-wired, and cabling looms are connected utilising a simple splicing connector during the assembly process.
electrical services, cables, connectors and wiring looms are fully accessible through a tilting front panel in the ceiling beams, allowing for ease of access at any stage during assembly or after.

power track
kubikle pods are equipped with a modular twist-on power track for all electrical power points and USB chargers. the power modules are live and ready to go with just a twist.


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