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kubikle modular pods

Kubikle offers a range of modular accommodation and meeting pods designed for different purposes. 

Our accommodation range consists of 3 designs; “Kubikle Kapsule” is a fast-assembly sleep capsule system, while “Kubikle Kabin” is a modular room system that can be used in temporary and repurposed real estate. “Kubikle Konstrukt” is a mobile prefabricated housing system that allows for multi-level developments in a fraction of conventional building time. 

Kubikle Workspace is a range of acoustic modules that cater to various needs, from single-person privacy booths to twenty-seater boardroom module. All Kubikle designs share a common feature: an easy-to-assemble aluminium structure with insulated walls and ceilings.

Kubikle's modular units are acoustically insulated inside walls and ceilings, and includes fully pre-wired ventilation, lighting, and control panels, along with doors and windows, making connectivity effortless and enabling quick assembly at the installation site. Our unique tension-lock connector system ensures that the units can be easily disassembled for relocation and reassembly.

introducing kubikle's latest innovation, kubikle konstrukt prefabricated buildings fitted with kubikle Kapsule sleep pods or fully furnished.

kubikle PreFab
kubikle konstrukt
Kubikle Kapsule.jpg
kubikle kapsule
kubikle kabin
kubikle workspace
kubikle call
Three-bay call module
kubikle conference
ten-seater kubikle conference boardroom module
Tuya control panel

kubikle smart pod  control panel



kubikle pods feature smart-home connectivity, allowing control through a touchscreen panel, voice control or a mobile app (download the android app, download the apple app).

Kubikle pods include smart-home integration with ventilation and lighting systems as standard. Optional add-ons like motion sensors, smoke detectors, smart desks, and automatic curtains are available for customisation.

kubikle connected pods are compatible with most smart home ecosystems, such as google home or amazon echo.

For more information, check out our inclusions page, to discover the advanced capabilities of kubikle pods.

Kubikle modules are a versatile and efficient alternative to traditional construction for those seeking to develop accommodations.

These units can be pre-assembled or assembled on-site, providing a flexible and cost-efficient approach to constructing a facility. Kubikle modules serve multiple p
urposes and can be customised to meet specific needs.

They are quick to install and can be easily deconstructed and relocated, providing significant time and cost savings. Kubikle accommodations are energy-efficient and eco-friendly, built using sustainable materials and designed for energy efficiency. With pre-finished surfaces and preinstalled electrical wiring, lights, and ventilation,

Kubikle modules are ready for use upon assembly. These prefabricated units provide a flexible, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution for additional accommodation needs.

connected kubikle smart pods
accommodation  pods
1 (18).png

recycled materials
Kubikle primarily utilises recycled materials in its production process, and the majority of components employed can be recycled once a pod reaches the end of its life cycle.

Our pods meet numerous international acoustic standards and can be equipped with fire-rated panels if necessary.

Thanks to Kubikle's modular aluminium framing system, we can create a pod tailored to a client's specific needs. Our pods stand out for their distinct style and impressive size.



industry categories
Kubikle pods offer versatile applications across various industry sectors, providing acoustic solutions for offices and hospitality accommodations. The Kubikle team can craft a pod solution tailored to any category requirement, including hospitality, retail, or the workplace.

Reach out to Kubikle to discuss your project, and our design team will develop a custom solution perfectly suited for your business.

2 (7).png

pod structure
Kubikle's interlocking wall-panel system allows for customisable combinations of walls, glass panels, doors, and open spaces. The glazing panels and doors feature double glazing with integrated blinds.

manufacturing facilities
Our newly inaugurated, cutting-edge manufacturing facility, situated on the periphery of Hanoi, Vietnam, employs specialised machinery exclusively for Kubikle pod production, ensuring a top-quality product on a global scale.

easy assembly
a kubikle pod assembles in a fraction of the time of most other pods; watch a bank of six kubikle Kapsule "sleep pods" completed in just over one and half hour  in the following YouTube video. click here to watch. (sped up video)

light track.PNG

lighting system
Kubikle pods incorporate a concealed low-voltage magnetic lighting track system within the ceiling structure, simplifying the process of adding or changing light fixtures. A wide variety of light fittings, spotlights, and pendants are available to suit all Kubikle pod needs.

electrical wiring
Our pre-wired wall panels make assembly easy, as cabling looms connect using a straightforward splicing connector. Electrical services, cables, connectors, and wiring looms are fully accessible via a tilting front panel in the ceiling beams, ensuring convenient access during assembly or at any point thereafter.

power track
Kubikle pods come fitted with a modular twist-on power track for all electrical outlets and USB chargers. The power modules are instantly live and operational with a simple twist.

Power track.jpeg
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