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Kubikle Meet, four person privacy pod


kubikle pods for the office 

in modern workplaces, open plan offices often lack privacy. however, with kubikle's modular pods, we can create a private space to escape from noise, ranging from single-person booths to twenty-person boardrooms and everything in between.

our modular system is unique and offers fully glazed or partly enclosed pods.

with kubikle's patented (patent pending) system, the possibilities for combinations are endless.

customisable pods

a kubikle pod can be tailored to any design required.

our pods normally come unfurnished to enable the client to retain and match the intended design and fixtures employed in the rest of an office project.

wall panels may be printed to exact colour specifications or from any supplied designs or artwork. using a large format in-house digital flatbed printer that can print any of the wall panels or glazing panels in a pod.

talk to the team at kubikle and we will design and develop a pod that suits your requirements.

Kubikle call, single person privacy booth


Kubikle meet front view


pod sizes

kubikle pod sizes can be from 1m x 1m upwards, the depth of a pod can be up to 3.6 metres without requiring any additional supports.


the length of a kubikle can be anything required   

eight metres and above is achievable.

our modular system allows for the construction of acoustic pods to proportions that have not been possible up until now.

kubikle can create a consistent look and feel, but with the advantage of pod sizes and shapes that suit your office layout.

at kubikle, we can create pods specifically to suit spaces matching your floorplan. 

Kubikle Meet interior view


Kubikle Conference 12 seater boardroom pod


boardroom pods in the office

with one of our modular pods, kubikle can create anything from a one-person privacy booth to a twenty seater boardroom and anything in between.

the modular system from kubikle allows for a fully glazed or partly enclosed pod. 

the combinations are endless using our patented (patent pending) wall system.

Kubikle Conference interior view


Kubikle Conference ten-seater boardrooom


Kubikle Conference interior view ten-seater


Kubikle conferecne front view ten-seater


Kubikle Call, single person booth


privacy pods 

when it comes to privacy, a meeting pod or phone booth for a meeting or a private phone call is necessary.

we can achieve total privacy and a pod designed to match your surroundings and design needs.

a kubikle pod provide outstanding acoustic dampening qualities and only utilize fire-rated materials to meet stringent international standards.

our pods are ready to meet your demands.

Kubikle meet, 4 seater cmeeting room


Kubikle Call, front view



Kubikle Meet with yellow furniture


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